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Ziggy Alberts's “Heartbeat” is a delicate and warm release

There is a saying, “it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”. Ziggy Alberts’ latest single “Heartbeat” embodies just that.  An organic track with gentle acoustic guitars and light, passionate harmonies, this highly emotive release possesses all the feels. Taking the typical tale of a breakup and turning it into something hopeful, “Heartbeat” is about taking solace in the love you once shared for one another. The stunning release provides us with an enticing look into his ever-evolving sound.

Indicative of artists like Ben Harper and Jack Johnson, the Australian native is known for his rich soulful quality that truly soars. Following his singles “Together” and “Don’t Get Caught Up” this new touching track delivers that same raw, powerful poignancy. Through his profound offerings, Alberts has amassed a fervent fan base.  Before the pandemic, the singer-songwriter had embarked on a huge world tour with 110+ dates. “Heartbeat” is off his forthcoming album Searching For Freedom, which marks a new chapter in his perpetual musical journey. Take a listen to the soft stylings of Ziggy Alberts and get lost in the ‘heartbeat’ of his masterful music.

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