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Diva Vol. 3 is the Clothes of Reese LAFLARE's 2020

Atlanta's-own Reese LaFLARE releases his third EP in the calendar year, Diva, Vol. 3. The artist & fashion designer has been delivering EPs throughout the year – 3 tracks each. They share the name with a new venture in fashion, his new line, DIVA. This one is featuring Lil Yachty and IDK. Coming off the debut of a since sold-out clothing line at the start of the year, LaFlare has been staying creative and busy all year throughout his many creative outlets like making music, skateboard, and being a businessman. To put it as comprehensible as possible, Reese once coined the Diva projects as a “visual musical experience to go with the clothes".

On Friday, the third installment of his Diva, Vol. series credits production from Mike Will Made-it and 30 Roc, Pyrexwhippa, and Sladedamonsta. There are a few components that create the world of Diva, Vol. 3. All three tracks bear a handful of fashion references with bars, and the whole EP delivers hard-hitting 808s to test your car subwoofers. 

Likely the EP's standout track, "On God" renders both Reese and Maryland rapper, IDK, knocking out some classic bombastic bars over a dark-toned melancholy trap beat. Pyrexwhippa smacks some arpeggiating menacing piano keys to the production to give it a heavy tone that is fit as a result you'd find searching "Griselda-type beat".

DIVA VOL.3 EP also closes with two more Atlanta talents in KEY! and Xaiolan. Reese is gearing up to really hit listeners upside the head with his next project likely to be released in the following year – so be on the lookout.

photo by Siggy

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