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Tiggi Hawke stays calm through the "High Season" [Music Video]

2020 seems to have divided artists into two separate camps: the ones that give in to the despair of it all and the ones that try to keep a smile on, despite it all. London's latest singer-songwriter Tiggi Hawke is a firm believer in the latter. While she's always released tracks that belonged solely on the "happy dance" spectrum, this year has not slowed her down in the least, simply adding a broodier bass to the production to signify the transition. Her newest release, "High Season," taps into a more personal side of the pop singer, with its visualizer—premiering today—helping to bring it out to the light. 

Neon colors and trippy animations aside, "Happy Season" likes to disguise itself as an experimental body of art, where in truth, it is just another entry in a journal Hawke likes to visit every once in a while. "This single is a personal one, it’s about staying ‘high’ emotionally, something I openly struggle with, and that weirdly trippy/euphoric feeling when it actually does happen. It feels very liberating (and slightly scary!) to be so open emotionally and lyrically in this song and to share that almost out-of-body experience which I find myself looking for,” she avidly notes.

To give her the confidence to open up, she accompanies her handwritten verses with a throbbing bassline, produced by Gil Lewis and Toby Scott. But despite the darker notes adding emphasis to each word, her calm and silky voice still manages to stay above it all, watching the procession from above as it repeats its own affirmations. Despite her relatively early entrance into the scene, she commands it with all her will, unwilling to slink back into the shadows from whence she came. 

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