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Fat Trout Trailer Park’s lyric video for “Backseat” displays a fresh and invigorating aesthetic

Psychedelic, post-punk project Fat Trout Trailer Park unleashes an edgy chalk style lyric video for “Backseat”. Featuring jangly guitar riffs and pounding drums, the punchy track hits hard. A song that demands to be heard, it's hard to not get sucked into its pithy presence. The offering narrates the manic episodes that arise as depression declines and the visuals pair perfectly with the message and thrashing sound. Bursting with bright hues of white and yellow, the viewer instantly feels the in your face intensity. The art seen in the video brings a rare creativity to an already innovative tune.

Fat Trout Trailer Park is the moniker of Belgium born Sean Raab. Raised with a strict religious upbringing, at times the musician battles with insecurity and fear. His music fuses a distinct blend of psychedelia with hip-hop sensibilities. Crafting a vibe indicative of how people in the future believe the past sounds, Raab’s releases are an analysis of modern society. Rowdy, chaotic and utterly thrilling, Fat Trout Trailer Park provides a listening experience that is a true stimulation. Watch the electrifying lyric video now.

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Post-Punk · Psychedelic


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