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Porsche Love releases new single "Where You Are"

Rising Orange County singer Porsche Love has released 12 songs over the course of the past nine months, steadily growing his fan base as this collection of songs was eventually put into a compilation titled Genesis. His latest offering is a big step up, and is the first song of what he calls his "new era." "Where You Are" is an infectious, mellow pop song that shows off Porsche's impressive songwriting and smooth delivery. 

Porsche Love has been working on the song for more than two years, and the final product makes it obvious that he put plenty of hours into crafting it. Its hook that does just that: it hooks the listener and will have them singing "I'll be over where you are" as they go on with their day. His voice is glossy, and it glides over the instrumental from Fantom, as he puts his most complex melodies to date on display. Due to its simple song structure and catchy chorus, it's undoubtedly his best song to date and is an exciting indication of where the young talent is headed. 

Connect with Porsche Love: Twitter | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube 

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