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SC.undercover breaks down those hard exteriors in “Sex Me Like U Want 2”

The UK has been pumping out hit after hit this year and SC.undercover’s “Sex Me Like U Want 2” is a prime example of the limitless talent the country has to offer. Hailing from Walsall, SC.undercover has been cooking up something tasty, albeit slightly different to his previous repertoire. Dipping his toes in the pop R&B realm, the artist has created an intoxicating and groove-inducing release with “Sex Me Like U Want 2.”

The single follows the release of the electronic/dance track “Morals,” highlighting the musician’s ability to hop from genre to genre. Something that remains the same in both singles however, is the playful and energetic vibe. Not only is “Sex Me Like U Want 2” an uplifting and feel-good track, but thematically it speaks about breaking down our guards and not just relying on the buzz at a party to bring out your true self. We’re all guilty of hiding behind our hard exteriors as a way of protecting ourselves, but in reality if we were to just be who we are and let loose, we’d be able to live a more authentic life. The songwriter shares, “I think you find that a lot of that in this business a lot of us are introverted and have a lot of insecurities including me and our art is our way of being who we want to be.”

A sad truth, but living in a world built upon Instagram filters and edited posts, it’s easy to lack confidence and suffer with self-doubt. “Sex Me Like U Want 2” is an anthem to get you out of that funk and find your self-worth. Like a glistening mirrorball, the song showcases SC.undercover’s profound falsetto vocals which glide atop sugary R&B melodies. Jangly guitars, soft percussion and funky bass create the backdrop for the singer to display his vocal abilities, like a peacock rattling its tail feathers. Emphasizing the importance of liberating yourself and showing your true colors no matter the occasion, “Sex Me Like U Want 2” is the perfect antidote for when you’re feeling a little blue.

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