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Cero Ismael delivers potent double feature "Tell Me How/Birds"

Born and raised in the suburbs of Amsterdam, the emerging Dutch artist Cero Ismael uses his art as a way to heal, sharing his experiences and struggles through the medium of music. His intimate and honest lyrical content gives his listeners an up-close and personal view of the emotions and pain he has endured. This front-row-seat approach gives him the perfect platform to explore difficult themes like love, fear, anger, self-acceptance, and more. On "Tell Me How/Birds", Cero dives deep into the complicated theme of love. 

Marking just his third released track as an artist, "Tell Me How/Birds", is essentially his third and fourth songs. The track combines two tracks into one for a potent, emotional double feature. The theme carried through both sections of the song is following a relationship. The first half of the song ("Tell Me How") features Ismael talking through the conflicts of a toxic relationship. He wants to be told how to stay away from it but then continues to rationalize reasons it should continue.

In the second half of the track, "Birds" carries through to the aftermath of the relationship. Battling the depression and confusion of a relationship gone astray, Ismael is struggling to find ways to move on. Sitting left wondering what could have been. The realness and candidness in his lyrics allow the listener to relate on a personal level and perhaps even view their own failed relationships with a new perspective.

Riding the frankness of his lyrical expression and unique vocal delivery, expect Cero Ismael to turn some heads in 2021 as he continues his public self-help journey.

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