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 2nd Generation Wu close out the year with "We Here Now"

The boys from the 2nd Generation Wu are back at it again and this time they brought the verbal hammer on the opposition. Their new single "We Here Now" is a pure representation of what this new branch of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan stands for. The current iteration of the group consists of iNTeLL (U-God's son), Pxwer (Methodman's son), and Supreme.

The track features iNTeLL and Pxwer going straight at it over the menacing backdrop courtesy of producer DLP. The production harks back to the early days of the Wu with the dusty texture, hard-hitting drums, and ominous vocal samples. iNTeLL sets it off with his fiery energetic performance and stands on ten toes when he spits "Lyrically I grab C-notes, I'm not a symphony/Haters can kick rocks like Italy do to Sicily." Followed by Pxwer's laidback demeanor and velvety flow but he is definitely not far behind with lines like "I carry all my verses like a bible and leave 16s all in your ear like I'm busting a rifle"

"We Here Now" is the group's final single for the year and a follow-up to their breakout single “7.O.D.” and the Method Man assisted remix "New Generation (Remix)." 

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