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LEViT∆TE unveils dynamic debut audiovisual LP ‘Legacy’

After years of esteemed releases under his own label and those of tastemakers including Division and Vision Recordings, Buycore, Block Society & more, audiovisual artist LEViT∆TE unveils his debut album, Legacy.  A feat of experimental bass, dubstep, hip-hop and glitch, LEViT∆TE’s versatility and unmistakably futuristic sound reigns supreme in his studio album debut. Featuring ten tracks, each accompanied by CGI/rendered visual counterparts, Legacy is out now via LEViT∆TE’s own label, LEViT∆TEmusic.

The album follows the journey of Mesics, Max, and Percy the protector on the edge of humanity. Prior to the fall of modern society, Mesics found himself as a chemical and mechanical engineer for the military, designing weapons. Now, 30 years into the future, a ferrofluid substance called "The Harbinger" has crippled mankind, and it is Mesics responsibility to travel far away from greater civilization to eradicate The Harbinger from humanity.

Kicking off the LP is lead single “96” featuring Kody Ryan, a foreboding start best characterized by its mysterious, soft vocal display. Further eliciting an impending sense of dread is “Among Trees,” with its textural bass paving way into “Protectors Story” and “Protectors Story pt.2.” Reverberating 808's boast their presence in both tracks, as LEViT∆TE showcases his highly visceral style, boasting efficient bass.  Bridging the gap between Legacy’s storyline is mid-album interlude “To The Core", which quickly builds into a dooming rapture that prefaces the next chapter, “Psychosis." Neurotic to its core, “Psychosis” serves as a five-minute descent into madness as “Harbinger” exudes frenetic drum & bass.  Though chaotic, the track is elegant in sound design: fluttering beats whisk between ears in this animalistic track as Legacy's story descends into the depths of hell.  Legacy’s story comes to a head in “For Your Life,” as imminent death looms over the story’s protagonists. Chock-full of percussive elements akin to the sound of a ticking clock, LEViT∆TE creates immense unrest by in the climactic track. Legacy wraps up with two leavening tracks, “Casualties” and “Brighter Horizons”. With the video's protagonists looking towards the further saving of humanity from The Harbinger, LEViT∆TE's Legacy ends on a solemn note. A wondrous display of immaculate sound design and storytelling.

In tandem with the LP release, LEViT∆TE teamed up with Alpha Motif for a full merch line under the name Mesics Laboratories. The Mesics Laboratories merch line will include hats, a long sleeve tee, short sleeve tee, vinyl preorders, and a short softcover graphic novel detailing the storyline.

01. 96 (ft. Kody Ryan)
02. Among Trees
03. Protectors Story
04. Protectors Story pt.2
05. To The Core (Interlude)
06. Psychosis
07. Harbinger
08. For Your Life
09. Casualties
10. Brighter Horizons

Watch and listen to Legacy today and stay tuned to the socials below for the latest news from LEViT∆TE.

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