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Jarrod Lawson blossoms on latest release "Be The Change" [Video]

As we near the end of an unprecedentedly tumultuous year, many of us are left wondering how we are supposed to pick up the pieces and move forward. In these challenging moments, ensuring a better future requires that we all stand up, take action, and, in the words of Jarrod Lawson, “Be The Change." The mantra is at the center of the Portland, Oregon artist’s latest album of the same name, which is out now on Dome Records. The LP is a reflection of both Lawson's impressive musical talents as well as a hopeful disposition for better days ahead.

The album’s title track is perhaps the best representation of Lawson’s powerful, emotive musicality, with sophisticated harmonies that sound effortless to support his dexterous vocal style. Joined by a band brimming with talent, Lawson’s soaring vocals in the climax of the arrangement will certainly induce some goosebumps for listeners. All the while, Lawson cleverly delivers an uplifting message of togetherness without being preachy. He phrases his lyrics as questions such as, “Where do we go from here / How do we move beyond the pain,” and “When will we learn from our mistakes,” which encourage introspection, a necessary element to societal shifts.

Whether it’s to bask in the beauty of Jarrod Lawson’s soulful musicianship or to get a welcome dose of empowering lyrics, Be The Change is a worthwhile outing for a musician with abundant skills and a bright future.

Jarrod Lawson will be performing a solo live stream concert on Monday, December 14, from Portland’s Classic Pianos. The stream will be available here.

Be The Change is available to stream or download here.

Connect with Jarrod Lawson: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | Website

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