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Jimi Somewhere gets existential jitters in new track “Wedding”

It wasn’t too long ago when alt-pop artist Jimi Somewhere released his groovy, sound effect-driven single “In My Car.” It was also then when he announced his forthcoming debut LP Nothing Gold Can Stay, out February 5th, 2021. Today, he shares something new from the LP, the follow-up track to “In My Car”, the wistful “Wedding.”

The track almost works with a three-act structure. The first part taking on an acoustic production with piano and angelic timbres. The piano interlude leads us into the whirlwind of sounds and emotions found in the final part. Wedding bells and dragging church organs embellish the production, really putting listeners in the song.

The title of the song comes from the existential crisis Jimi had at his sister’s wedding a few years back. Even though he was still so young at the time, he couldn’t help but think of "all these decisions I’ve made with my career, my family & my future.” His new LP won’t be coming until February 2021, but it already seems like it’s worth the wait.

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Alt-Pop · Indie


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