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Misty Mtn return with the luminescent "These Lights" [Video]

Inspired by their return to Montana, and informed by unwavering seasonal change, the previously LA-based synth-pop duo Misty Mtn return with the crisp and tastefully festive "These Lights."

As the year draws to a close, reflecting on the memories often comes hand in hand, and this timely track subverts the typical saccharine reminiscence by offering the antithesis. Providing insight in an email statement, they share that, “‘These Lights’ is that moment of beyond your better judgment going to your childhood home that’s no longer yours, looking up your ex on Instagram, seeing who got the job over you — allowing yourself to get lost in the memories but dance among the pain."

This pain is heart-wrenchingly realised in both the emotional weight of vocalist and songwriter Mo Trunzo's delivery and the slow-burning drama of multi-instrumentalist Lucas Segall's immersive production. A mesmeric coalescence of icy synths, unfaltering rhythms and enveloping textures, the duo appear to be invigorated by their relocation, continuing in the same statement, "We’ve been doing some field recordings up here in Montana. If you listen closely you can hear us walking around in the snow. Stuff like that really helps start a unique atmosphere that can inform the rest of the production. We also wanted to bring in elements of the holiday genre without pinning ourselves into the corner of calling this a ‘holiday song’.”

Speaking to the simply picturesque visual accompaniment, Misty Mtn concludes, "We watched the openings of a lot of holiday films to see if we could capture that energy in the first few seconds of the video. A lot of the world kind of feels like a ghost town right now so we wanted to capture the holiday spirit while also capturing what it feels like to just basically, be alone listening to your favorite song."

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