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Elroy battles his "PARASITE" in new single

Showing emotion through his art is something that has never been an issue for Elroy, an alternative hip-hop artist from Pennsylvania.  Drawing sonic inspiration from so-called ‘emo-rap’ innovators such as Aries, Brakence, and ericdoa, Elroy manages to distinguish his sound from the rest by providing backbreaking hooks over slick melodies that never feel overbearing or heavy-handed.  A true key for any hip-hop innovator is the ability to tell distinct stories through their art, something that Elroy continues to hone and perfect in each new track he adds to his discography. 

“PARASITE” focuses on acknowledging the monotony of, as the artist describes, “the reality of a work-ridden life,” and functions as a ballad for waking up every morning, slugging down your coffee, and shambling to work with eyes still half-shut.  The uncomfortable but ever-burgeoning truth of the Millennial generation, that life is work and work is life, provides the backdrop for the moody guitar-infused melody that layers intricately over the understandably arid lyrics.  A slow building anthem that competently plays off of Elroy’s energetic yet staid vocal presence, there is enough substance packed in the modest 2-minute track to merit multiple listens to fully digest the temperamental artist’s true motivations and themes. 

Coming off the release of his breakthrough Demonslayer EP earlier in 2020, the alt-rap artist has more than doubled his monthly Spotify listeners in the past several months.  With a rapidly expanding fanbase and increasing support from bloggers and playlisters alike, Elroy feels inevitably poised to break through into the limelight and put his own mark on the ever-shifting alternative hip-hop landscape at a time when the subgenre is growing faster than ever. 

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