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Laraaji makes a meditative remix of "Outisde" by Eddie Chacon

After taking a break from music spanning over three decades, Eddie Chacon released his iridescent comeback Pleasure, Joy and Happiness earlier this year. He first arose to fame with his single “Would I Lie to You?” in 90’s neo-soul duo Charles & Eddie. Remixed by fabled Ambient artist, Laraaji, this song is a 5-minute 11-second long journey through time, space, and your inner-feelings.

Laraaji is known for his multi-instrumentalist use of mbira, string instruments, and synthesizers, to create droning soundscapes, like on his successor of Brian Eno’s Ambient Saga, Ambient 3: Day of Radiance. “Outisde (Laraaji Remix)” strips down the track to original synth and beat, and transforms it into a misty echo, not unlike the feeling when Squidward visit the “Nowhere Dimension” in SpongeBob SquarePants. This is a remix that takes the original artwork, which is great as it is, and transforms it into a completely new sonic experience without damaging the initial integrity. This track is probably not something that would be in your normal playlists, but additions like these offer you sounds not often heard in chart-topping music, and a chance at a new perspective.

Eddie Chacon’s music takes you in, inspires, and evokes emotion. Laraaji’s work is a testament to the ability music has to influence your spirit and expand your mind. While Ambient and Neo-soul aren’t passé, they don’t hold the influence on American culture that they used to. ‘Eddie Chacon x Laraaji’ is the collaboration of two artists known for music from by-gone eras, revamping their art forms for something that stands up to popular music today.


Connect with Laraaji: Bandcamp | Twitter | YouTube

Ambient · Ambient R&B · Experimental · R&B · Soul


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