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Burning Pools shares new explosive anthem “Woman”

Women do so much. From often being a main caretaker as well as having additional responsibilities as breadwinners, women are often expected in general to take on more roles than men. Los Angeles-based rock band Burning Pools examines the complexity of this issue along with the sexism that plagues our society in their new single “Woman.” Dripping with garage rock soundscapes, soaring vocals and fuzzed-out bass, “Woman” is an alt rock anthem of empowerment.

The idea for the single came about after singer Ginger Pooley gave birth to her daughter. After such a happy yet physically draining experience, she had to take on the additional responsibility of organizing her mother’s funeral as none of the men in her family stepped up. This coupled with the sexism she has witnessed plaguing the music industry, gave life to “Woman” a stunning song of defiance. In the accompanying music video, a young girl is seen traversing the wild alone and is seen as an example of women everywhere who are according to Pooley, “brave, innocent, open hearted, joyful, and full of power and magic.” Although the main character in the video is succeeding in surviving, she is thrown into a dark and gloomy world representing the hardships that many women face.

Burning Pools burst unto the scene earlier this year with their mix of infectious garage and alternative rock. The trio have shared the stages with some of the largest acts in both pop and rock music including Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Morrissey and Smashing Pumpkins. “Woman” follows the bombastic alt rock single “White” profiling the racial injustice found in America. Burning Pools create thought-provoking rock music that tugs at our heartstrings.

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