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palmtreeprince sends out a message to "Come Find Me"

After a 4 year hiatus, producer/songwriter palmtreeprince has released his debut body of work. This comes in the form of a three track odyssey titled Come Find Me. 

It's been four years and few name changes since we heard music from Zane Sigauke. A Zimbabwe-born, Ireland-raised, London-based artist who started making music when he was sixteen. After several singles and signing to a record label, Sigauke just stopped releasing music. Taking a step back and letting life happen led to him growing and maturing all while finding his specific signature sound. Come Find Me and his new moniker palmtreeprince is the product of this labour of love. 

The project kicks off with what we feel is the highlight of the project "Mudiwa". This track is a feel good love song that (despite the time year) feels warm and summery in its vibe. The production on this one is a true high point. The eclectic synths patterns and the movement in the rhythm section create an extremely bouncy but clean and sharp sound that feels comfortable. This comfort is reflected in the performance by palmtreeprince. The songwriting is blends different languages and moods. It is an excellent expression of love. On top of this, the melodies and layering taking place on this track feels like a puzzle coming together before your eyes. The cherry on top of this track is the short and sweet verse from 1k3 who delves into the complexity of this topic. 

On the next rack "Learn 2 Love", palmtreeprince flexes his production and melodic muscles once more. The sputtering electronics and synthesisers create an alternative universe for palmtreeprince to live in. The drum patterns are in a very strange pocket but it remains bouncy and different and overall extremely enjoyable. As far as melodics, he proves his range is unmatched. This is where the 4 year hiatus of hard work and study shines through. He is hitting notes on this one he wouldn't have hit back then. He is contorting and contouring his voice in new, interesting and descriptive ways. The songwriting is simple and to the point and more or less takes a back seat to the overall picture. 

The closing track "Give U Love", the sound continues to evolve. Sporadic synth patterns mirrored with static and moving drum pockets are placed all over this track. This track highlights palmtreeprince's ability to know when to say everything and when to say nothing. There are so many beautiful moments on this track delivered through his layered vocals and backing vocals. The true sign of an artistic vision from palmtreeprince is his use of moments of silence. He chooses to let the music tell you what you need to know. This happens in abundance on this track and it serves as the perfect closer to this introductory chapter of palmtreeprince's story. 

This project was a breath of fresh air. If this is what a four year wait gets you it was worth every second. palmtreeprince is going to be a generational talent for years to come. The sheer upside and potential enclosed within this body of work is something that has to be seen to be believed. Hop on this bandwagon while you can. 

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