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Nina Chuba watches "Babylon Fall" on latest single

With the release of her debut EP, Power, not long in the rearview mirror, Berlin's Nina Chuba fans the flames ignited on that project into a great blaze with "Babylon Fall." Her debut project was filled with attitude-laden pop interwoven with fierce and empowering tones of hip-hop, and with her first solo release since she leans further into the latter, and sounds unwaveringly confident as she does.

Whether it's a timely commentary inspired by the year's events or not, "'Babylon Falls' has a new approach and is dealing with socio-critical matters," she explains in an email statement. "The song is a tongue-in-cheek social critique of all the stuff I think that should go first when the world finally ends," and it seems like toxic egos are at the top of her list.

Underpinned by foreboding chords indispersed with ominous choral work, the apocalyptic satire is realised not only her lyricism.  As the track progresses, sharp trap-leaning drums deliver her harmonious rapid-fire flow with an almost scathing bite, only allowing you to catch your breath during the more downtempo yet attention-commanding choruses.

"Babylon Fall" is available now via Mag Musik.

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