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Bristol's Conal Kelly takes "Control" with new single

Rather than regurgitating trends and sounds of the moment, Conal Kelly is meticulously crafting a progressive and colourful brand of alt-pop that is distinctly his own, and clearly having fun while he does it. The Bristol-based artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist returns with his second single to date, the distinctly and refreshing "Control."

Merely seconds in and you're no doubt nodding along to the sharp drums and punchy bassline, but it's Kelly's crisp falsetto that truly pulls you in. Shimmering keys fleshes the sparse mix out, tinting it with a subtly neon-tinged hue, but just as soon as you become accustomed to the groove, the synth work sweeps in for the instrumental focal point, elevating the track from a familiar bop to a true crossover gem. Sustained chords gently lap at your ears, as another layer oscillates to provide an uplifting slant to the already infectious rhythm. Kelly then takes us through the motions of the verse once again, only to outdo himself with the second iteration of the instrumental passage. The soundscape washes over you like a great wave as the synths unfurl, embellished by bright vocal harmonies, all of which are emphatically hit home by huge drums fit for a stadium.

Kelly shares that, "the whole thing took a couple of months to complete, but the finished track is something I'm really proud of and can hopefully show some diversity in my songwriting! The vocal part really drives the song in my opinion...this is also the first time an outro has been my favourite aspect of a song I've written, I love that ending vocal hook.”

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