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Nora En Pure releases Bach inspired track, "Enchantment" [Premiere]

Switzerland's Nora En Pure has always had a penchant for the subtle—the twinkling chime of triangles, the soft press of piano keys—tenderly pressed between the hum of a deep bass and proud leading synths. For her new track, "Enchantment," however, she drops all subtlety, fully embracing the art of the instrumental with Bach’s Cello Suite No.1 in G Major, modernized for the electronic age. 

Familiar strings open up the classic suite, each breath in between the bow's rapid movements held in fixed reverence. She lets Bach's notes have their moment, careful not to come in too soon and break the spell. But when she does, she picks up the composition ever so gently in her arms, lowering it carefully down into a ready-made bath of soothing shakers and a pulsating bass. Once it's settled, she turns up the effects, mimicking the cello melody with her own concoction of synths and piano keys. There are moments of pure bliss where the bass gives way to the soft-toned melody, and moments of conflicting familiarity as you quietly wait for the track to fully transform. But it never quite does, because it doesn't need to. If there's anything that Nora En Pure knows by now, it's when to stop tweaking, and just let the track speak for itself. 

"Enchantment" is out everywhere this Friday, December 4th. 


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