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Belgian artist WAYI releases alluring R&B track "Mind Mazes"

Following the release of her debut EP Love in Progress, Belgian R&B songstress WAYI is back with a new single: "Mind Mazes." This new track delves into the pushes and pulls of relationships and the many difficulties that come with love. Particularly, she touches on the feelings of indecision and uncertainty that sprout from broken relationships.

"Mind Mazes" shows WAYI taking influence from 90s and early 2000s R&B legends like Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey. The instrumental reflects this classic style with a simple acoustic guitar loop and layered drums. WAYI flows perfectly over this beat, providing delicate and angelic vocals juxtaposed with crude, authentic lyrics. 

"Maybe I was wrong to think that time would change situations / Crazy how I thought I knew myself; you don't know right from wrong or left / Lately I have found myself in the exact same location."

WAYI seems to take a stream of consciousness approach to her songwriting here, detailing her thoughts and reactions directly through her lyrics. With every verse, the listener peels back another layer into her internal emotions. 

Regarding the track's meaning, WAYI provided her own insight: "This is about when you feel stuck in your mind, stuck in a situation (ship) where you can’t find an exit," she explains. "It’s actually entirely up to you to bite the bullet but sometimes, indecisiveness and uncertainty keep your own thoughts captive..."

Check out WAYI's new single on Spotify above or stream the track here on Apple Music. 

Connect with WAYI: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Spotify

Neo-Soul · Pop · R&B · Soul


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