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MPHD links up with fellow Bay Area producer Starfari on "The Weekend" (Remix)

San Francisco-based producer and DJ MPHD adds an extra dose of dancefloor-ready house beats to fellow Bay Area producer Starfari's "The Weekend." 

While the original Starfari track delivers a mesmerizing sun-drenched indie-dance sound, MPHD injects an atmospheric depth of vivacious house beats to really turn things up. Freckles of the original's funky bass lines and swirling synths are dispersed throughout, while the various vocals and beats are masterfully repackaged into a more driving dancefloor momentum that pulsates from start to finish. 

Speaking on how the collaboration came together, MPHD shared, "When Starfari first approached me for a remix, I was immediately drawn to "The Weekend" because it's sunny, bouncy bassline was perfect for turning upside down & mangling around a bit." "The Weekend" (Remix) is a highly impressive celebration and blending of Starfari's unique indie-dance sound and MPHD's ability to create multi-layered house music. 

Connect with MPHD: Spotify | Instagram

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