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Harmony Byrne has hope for humanity in her latest track

In June 2020, Australian singer-songwriter Harmony Byrne released her debut LP, Heavy Doors, which displayed the variety in her musical style and taste. The album touched different genres like rock, pop, folk, and gospel. It’s even more amazing that her voice can take on all of these styles, proving that Byrne is a musical chameleon. Today, she’s released her COVID-related song (or as she calls it, a “plea for connection”), “The Good Days & The Bad Days.”

Fitting for pandemic times, this track carries a soft folk tune with a steady acoustic guitar melody. However, the track embeds some gospel elements with echoed, hummed vocals . It fits the vibe Byrne was going for as she wrote this song as a prayer of surrender and a plea for connection."  Her lyrics are just as poignant. In a time that feels like the world is against you, one must remember that there are people who care about you and the good of the world. It’s beautifully written, a little reminder everybody needs right now. Both the music and lyrics give a feeling of desertion, but also have an underlying tone of hope.

Just months later after releasing her album, Byrne brings news of her upcoming EP The Songs I Sing When No One Is Listening, set to release early next year. In such a short time, one should be curious as to what new material she’s brewed up during quarantine.  

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