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Ebony Buckle shares an encouraging message in “You're Loved”

Ebony Buckle's “You’re Loved.” will give you goosebumps. Brimming with morale-boosting comfort and emotional motivation, the song shimmers with celestial soundscapes. From performing on London's West End, to regular appearances on our TV screens, this actress come musician fails to disappoint. Over the past couple years, Buckle has been releasing a steady slew of releases, but this might be our favorite so far.

“You’re Loved” starts building over a soft piano, gracing you with Buckle’s buttery, heavenly harmonies—trust me, you won't want them to end. The song then begins to gradually enhance with tasteful placements of dynamic changes, epic, powerful percussion, softened by bell tapping and seraphic synths, the chorus emits sunshine amongst the rainy days of loneliness. The song blooms, ascending into strings full of energy, complemented by the striking symbols; reaching new heights of emotions and feels. "Take a breath and breathe it in, you're loved, you're loved, you know," sings the London based songwriter, and not only is it sent like a message from the heavens of encouragement, but it admittedly feels so good to hear. The harmonies and words will drench you in a shower of hair-raising shivers.

“This song is something I wrote one winter when I felt really lost and alone. The song just came out and it was like I had needed to hear that voice saying it’s ok, you are ok,” Buckle shares. The song will gently find you to deliver the powerful message: you are loved, and you are enough. No matter what time of day the song reaches your soul, it will give you your power and self-worth back, totally moving, encouraging and inspiring, and here to heal your soul.

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