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Tommy Newport searches for his “Warp Speed Suzie” [Video]

Tommy Newport is something of a sonic anachronism.  With a style exuding early 60’s funk energy and injecting an infectious falsetto over marauding synth basslines and simple drumbeats, the Kansas-based singer has quickly become one of the most exciting new voices in indie music. “Warp Speed Suzie” is no different, as the rising star explores the effects of a romance gone as quickly as it arrives, with light nylon guitar licks juxtaposed against crushing synth bass. 

The driving force of the track, however, remains the effortlessly charismatic Newport crooning over a steady boots-and-cats drumbeat about the whereabouts of his wayfaring lost love.  As the video follows the eponymous woman frolicking along the streets as she charms her way through the city (obtaining an excess of alcohol and attention in the process), the chorus reminds the viewer of the myriad lovers/admirers left in her wake.  An expertly crafted song that will inevitably leave you humming the melody for days, Newport has succeeded again in making a modern song that somehow feels classic. 

Clearly a fan of the classics of his genre but remaining in constant evolution since his 2018 debut album Just To Be Ironic, Tommy Newport has crafted a distinct sound and image that fans can look for and recognize immediately.  From the bubbly pop-infused 2019 EP Tommy Gun to the filtered prog rock of 2020 single “Shooting Star”, genre lines seem to blur the further forward one goes into Newport’s discography. 

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