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New Myths reveal dreamy video for "Bad Connection"

The Brooklyn trio New Myths is back again with their brand new video for “Bad Connection,” a synthy alternative masterpiece that amalgamates the best aspects of the genre over the last decade. Reminiscent of bands like Metric and early Paramore, “Bad Connection” offers drive and punch, which the group carries into the vibrant new video.

Overdriven guitars are layered over the band’s traditional synth sound to create a wonderfully angsty and energetic tune. The call and response vocals call back to memory classic 2010s hits like Muse’s “Resistance,” as well as provide a fun sing-song element to an otherwise heavy and rocking song.

The video does an excellent job at capturing the controlled chaos New Myths give off. Wearing extremely fun and extravagant outfits, like pink leopard print suits, they are not afraid to show you their true colors and shove them in your face. This unapologetic liveliness is also seen in the rapidly changing shots, which mimic the quick-tempo and upbeat nature of the track.

New Myths is an all female powerhouse comprising of Brit Boras, Rosie Slater, and Marina Ross.  The group is inspired by artists such as Garbage, Elastica, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and The Pretenders, all who have inspired them to create a diverse and in-your-face sound. "Bad Connection" is in anticipation of their upcoming EP release All the Shiny Things, the follow up to their 2012 release, New Myths. If that project can replicate the expertise as seen in “Bad Connection” we should be in for a treat.

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