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Rob Marr’s tribute to father is both breathtaking and heartbreaking in "Death and Comfort"

From a man and his piano to BAFTA-winner narrated podcast, Rob Marr's latest endeavour is enough to reduce you to tears. "Death and Comfort" is the first single to be released off of his upcoming album and podcast, Book of Man. A song beautifully penned after the death of his father, there is something so imprinting and stunning about the raw, steady pace of the song. The thoughts and feelings that come with loss are complex, along with the trauma and pain comes feelings of regret, nostalgia perhaps warm, perhaps not. The British singer/songwriter covers all of this in stunning tribute to his father. Bleeding with emotion, the piano holds the haunting dynamics, while the simplicity of the textural soundscapes allows space for the meaning and feelings to breath throughout the track. Each word sung is fully of agony but acceptance. 

Along with his compelling songwriting abilities, Marr’s timeless voice and gorgeous vibratoes glaze the song in his vocal tone. Heart-wrenching lyrics like “I have relied on your body and soul, how to survive, how to be alone” and “I sometimes wish I had given you more” about Marr’s father cut through your core. The singer-songwriter shares when writing the song he wanted to “write something that was raw and honest and somehow hopeful”, and the song is exactly that. Piano chords with major and minor feels take you through different feelings and thoughts and the up and down is subtle and reminiscent of grieving.

As well as songwriting, Marr has endeavoured on his new project: a podcast drama Book of Man, narrated by BAFTA-winner Josh O’Connor (who stars in the Netflix drama, The Crown). The podcast series tells the devastating story of four generations of fathers and sons. The podcast is an engrossing narrative of the accounts, accompanied by Marr’s own songs, an engaging plunge into Marr’s family’s devastating past.

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