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Lady Shaynah soars on EP 'Puzzled'

Smooth and silky, Lady Shaynah's debut EP Puzzled is designed to connect and evoke emotions. The emerging R&B artist hails from the Netherlands, and her 4-track EP uses her past experiences as fuel for her vulnerable EP. 

Puzzled is emotive on all fronts, with the release's uplifting single "Fly," pushing for self-love and care, whilst "Walkin" embodies strength, meanwhile "Confusion" adds doubt alongside finesse and flair to the EP. Each tune from the release embodies strength and brings forth a new wave of modern RnB music, coupled with Lady Shaynah's twist. “This is my most personal project up to date, it might upset some people because the hurt from which it was born. However, I’m ready to talk about it and connect with those who can relate to it. It might comfort the both of us,” she says of the release.

Lady Shaynah was born into music. Whilst her debut EP is an introduction to her music, it showcases her versatility as an artist making her an artist to watch.

Connect with Lady Shaynah: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

Alternative R&B · Pop


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