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Inude return with the warmly emotive "We Share"

After the pandemic suspended the tour of their 2019 debut album at the start of this year, Italian indietronica trio Inude are back to make the best of a bad situation with "We Share."

A silver lining to the lack of live gigs this year is that it's provided artists with copious time and new motivations for their music, with much of it reflecting on the situation at large. Their first single their debut LP carries an incredibly valuable platitude that extends far beyond the circumstances that it was inspired by, of which they elucidate in an email statement, "When the loneliness gets the better of you and other people's approval no longer eases your insecurity you have two choices: the first, you can hide yourself away in silence but this is the fastest way to get lost and disappear. The second, you can share your feelings and fears, open yourself up to the people around you and face your vulnerability. This is the most difficult option, but choosing this path will teach you to affirm your identity by accepting and loving yourself."

The emotional weight of the lyricism is brought into balance by the lighthearted instrumentation; a charming cohesion of soft synths, warm guitar licks, shuffling rhythms and tenderly reserved vocals. Textures and orchestral passages weave each section together, and the vocal follows the same pattern as the synths, synergistically emphasizing each other and complementing the overall rhythm whilst bringing further focus to each thoughtfully placed word. 

"We Share" is available now via Factory Flaws.

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Alt-Pop · Electronic · Electronica


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