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Jesse Gold releases stripped back new single "Not Alright"

Rising pop singer Jesse Gold produces much of his own music. He had released just two songs in 2020 and is back with another in "Not Alright," a stripped back song about moving past heartbreak. 

Gold is backed by a guitar on his latest offering "Not Alright," while the track's downtempo nature gives the singer all he needs to showcase relatable songwriting. His purposeful lyricism and lush vocals are undoubtedly his biggest strengths, as it seems less like he is flexing his impressive talents to the listener, and more like he is inviting them to share in a moment with him. He said that "Not Alright" is "a perfect example of getting something off [his] chest in a song," and it's sure to help others get through their own heartbreak. 

The Toronto-based Gold released his debut EP, We'll Be Fine, in June of last year. On it, he used six tracks to discuss the issues of modern romance. In 2020, he's now just three songs in, all of which bring his soft pop vocals and genuine emotion to the forefront.

Connect with Jesse Gold: Twitter | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube 

Photo Credits: Mica Daniels



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