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The Slice, Episode 69 [Hip-Hop + R&B]

As we slowly roll into the last stretch of the Fall season, we open up Episode 69 of your favorite bi-weekly playlist The Slice on an upbeat and bright note courtesy of the Japanese DJ and producer duo, Yutaka Takanami and Fuminori Kagajo Snowk. Their new release "Under The Moon" takes us back to the warmth of summer with dreamy jazzy vibes and silky vocals. Rapper and producer PAST/TENSE follows suit with an introspective piece titled "Views." From the solemn piano-driven beat and insightful lyrics about his past, he gives us a glimpse of his journey in this thing called life.

With a lengthy title like "Apple Watch Plays Going Crazy My Shit Jumping," Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon delivers a bravado-laced jam bolstered by Machacha's gritty production. Emerging Dallas, TX-based band, Bree & The Fellas brighten up the list with "Focus" which showcases their unique brand of jazzy R&B. Bree's commanding melodies take center stage over the lively alluring soundscape and makes for a nice relaxing jam. UK rapper's JASE "gentleman" keeps us in that jazzy zone with its smooth keys, nostalgic horns, and bouncy groove. La’dalia's "Comfort Zone" lives up to its title with its moody texture and sultry performance that slowly invites us into the much-needed warmth.

Utah-based artist Daugaard links up with fellow emcee Earthworm on the reflective single titled "Question Everything." Backed by a spacey beat, both acts take time to share their thoughts on self-growth and faith. Emerging rapper Patagonist's "Fate" keeps us in the introspective space with a more solemn mood. Patagonist peers into the past year and reflects on all his trials, tribulations, and minor successes.

Funk and Disco band Molly & The Chromatics lift up the mood a bit with their new release "Hold Tight." The upbeat cut aims to go against the grain and implore us to break free of societal constructs and most importantly have fun while doing it.
Singer Fih's "Metamorphosis" is as experimental as they come and dives into the concept of rebirth and redemption. She makes use of an atmospheric barebones backdrop and delivers a sublime vocal performance that ranges from low to airy melodic runs.

UK Producer Mr Cutts drops the only instrumental on the playlist in the form of his new release titled "I'm In Love With You." The vocal sample heavy cut showcases his excellent sampling skills and it's as alluring as they come. Aussie Producer, Kut One Rounds-up Rome Streetz, Jamol Gasol and Saipher Soze for his Chilling New Single, "Get Mine Regardless." The raw cut is filled with a no-nonsense performance by all the emcees and excellent cuts by Kut One himself over the chilling backdrop. This week's list rounds up on a vibrant note  with some heavy blues and funk by New Orleans bred singer Acantha Lang who raises the ante with "He Said / She Said." An energetic track laced with punchy drums, anthemic horns, and her commanding vocals that talk about misinformation and fake news.

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For a full tracklist of this week's featured artists:

Snowk - "Under The Moon"
PAST/TENSE - "Views"
Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon x Machacha - "Apple Watch Plays Going Crazy My Shit Jumping"
Bree & The Fellas - "Focus"
JASE. - "gentleman."
La’dalia - "Comfort Zone"
Daugaard (feat. Earthworm) - "Question Everything"
Patagonist - "Fate"
Molly & The Chromatics - "Hold Tight"
Fih - "Metamorphosis"
Mr Cutts - "I'm In Love With You"
Kut One - "Get Mine Regardless (feat. Jamal Gasol, Rome Streetz, Saipher Soze)"
Acantha Lang -"He Said / She Said"

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