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Moxi gives an intimate glimpse into her brain in “Blame It” 

Los Angeles based husband and wife duo Moxi's latest single “Blame It” narrates being a hostage to the noise inside your own head, and that inner dialogue that goes on throughout a daily basis. Delving deep into the weird and wonderful behaviors of the human brain, Moxi delivers a raw and honest look into their own experiences with mental health.

The indie pop duo, consisting of Anna and Andy Toy are known for their celestial dream pop concoctions, with cinematic displays of shimmering electronic soundscapes. “Blame It” is no different. A heady mix of 80’s infused instrumentation and a vibrant pop flair, Anna shows off her mesmerizingly moody vocals giving the track a haunting edge. Lead singer Anna shares, “I tell friends a lot that I wish they could just be in my mind for a second because it's so insane in there, lol. There's a lot of chaos, self sabotage, weird ideas, and a lot of beautiful things too… It can get very dark but it's also a lot of fun in there.”  

Moxi have been creating music since 2013, with "Blame It" being the third single to be released this year. Offering up a relatable anthem for the average Joe, Moxi finds peace in the neverending noise, reminding us that it’s part of who we are and the truly fascinating capabilities of our brains.

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