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Ed Prosek unites with The Mayries on enchanting tune "4AM"

Despite 2020 not turning out to be the most wonderful year, the one constant we can rely on is the beauty of Ed Prosek's music. Charming us with yet another single, Prosek has teamed up with Stockholm-based singer-songwriter twosome The Mayries to produce the emotive "4 AM."

Inhabiting an even folkier sound than his previous releases, "4 AM" exhibits Prosek's lustrous sounds with delicate guitar plucks and a radiant warmth. Dotted with romanticism and celebrated with soft, narrative lyrics, the single is an embellishment to Prosek's repertoire. "4 AM is a song about the ups and downs of true love. Movies always end with a “happily ever after” but everyone knows life is more complicated than that," explains Prosek. "All the unfulfilled dreams and unresolved baggage are what keep life interesting and this song is dedicated to the true love that outlasts it all."

In all its glimmering glory, the new single intertwines the intimacy of vocals from The Mayries, catapulting itself to stratospheric heights with its delicate tenderness. Just when you think you can't hear something more intricate and free-flowing, this magnificent trio team up to produce a masterpiece in sentimentality. 

"Ed played us this great refrain that instantly gave us all the same idea for a whole story," shares The Mayries. "We immediately began writing a song that describes the young and naive love in a transitional time in life when you're searching for something with more stability. Though we’re not so naive anymore we’ve certainly all been there once or twice."


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