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Hedara's 'We're Not The Same' explores hope in failed romance

West London artist Hedara delivered brand new electro-pop offering “We’re Not The Same,” the final track from her stunning new EP Sad Girl Syndrome. Thoughtful, personal lyricism meets a raw, emotive vocals in this effortlessly made song which was “written in a matter of minutes” according to the Brit School alum “as it flowed onto the page.”


The piano-led track soars as Hedara – real name Scarlet Billham- showcases her signature power-packed yet heartfelt voice, as the poignant songwriting with a core of observational introspection grounds listeners. Written as an internal monologue about the moment in time where a relationship breaks down the song is unexpectedly hopeful and positive as it ends with love finding its way back.

Clearly indicating the passion she has had for music since a young age, her natural brilliance at crafting innovative, irresistible pop gems, “We’re Not The Same,” comes straight from Hedara’s heart while still striking a balance of being a relatable narrative.

A rising talent–and contemporary of powerhouse artists such as Freya Ridings-who has faced and overcome health complications which caused an abrupt halt to her musical journey–Hedara’s music is rooted not only her authentic musicality but also in her hard-fought, lived experience. This track much like the rest of her music draws from her perseverant, resilient spirit which refuses to let negativity prevail – even in a song about failed relationships.

With accolades upon accolades that began with her critically acclaimed debut EP Slow, and continues with immensely well-received live shows that led to UK tour alongside Tom Speight and an upcoming stint as Hannah Grace’s support act on her 2021 mini tour,

 “We’re Not The Same,” is simultaneously the culmination of her journey so far and the rest stop of dreams as she embarks her musical journey ahead.

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