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Amanda Brown shares her soul-stirring new single “From Here”

Bronx born, Puerto-Rican singer-songwriter Amanda Brown like most of us has so many unanswered questions, that she tries to address on her latest, "From Here." Profound pondering constantly circles her mind with questions like, "What does the future of our nation look like?" and, "Where are we headed as people?" To put it simply, “Where do we go from here?”

“From Here” stunningly details the realization that a longstanding relationship may be falling apart and there is no hope of fixing it. She knows that she cares for this person so deeply, yet sometimes love is not enough.  The song is about more then just love though, the transfixing track is for anyone wondering, what’s next in any aspect of their lives. Her powerful, fiery vocals rich with so much raw emotion make “From Here” the ultimate soaring sensation.

Brown began her career as a wedding singer but now has sung backup for industry greats like Alicia Keys, the Killers, and Adele. Being on the road so often, much of her masterful music was conceived on tour buses or backstage. A season three Voice contestant, Brown understands the pressure to perform and she certainly delivers. 

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