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James Chatburn shares six-track project 'Faible Teil 1'

Berlin Based Australian singer and producer James Chatburn shares his concept project titled Faible Teil 1' [Part 1 of Debut Album] which serves as the first half of his two-part album. The six-track project has Chatburn and his longtime collaborator David Tobias working hand in hand and together they deliver a mix of edgy experimental soul music tinged with hip-hop sensibilities. Chatburn dives into personal topics on this project and gives a glimpse of twisted love, vulnerability, coping mechanisms for hurt, and then some.

The project leads with the single "why you Gotta Lie", where he tackles the issue of compulsive lying. From soft drums, silky guitars, dreamy pads, to woozy bass lines, the track in some ways straddle the line between shoegaze styles and neo-soul. Chatburn seems to be having a lot of fun here with his carefree delivery and sublime melodies. far from being preachy, he approaches the topic subtly and feels like he is poking fun at those individuals who always have to keep their lies going for as long as they can.  Imagine all that effort going into maintaining a lie.

"Just One More" is bolstered by heavy crunchy drums and a dark cinematic texture that hovers behind Chatburn's inflected melodies and somewhat bleak outlook. The track brings a gritty hip-hop vibe but wouldn't seem out of place on a Griselda project. Also included is the previously released single “Jewellery And Gold” where he waxes poetic on being free from financial woes. Just as the title suggests, the track definitely gives the EP a bright, cheerful sound at this point. Tracks like "Sink for You" and "The Hurt" take the EP into the retro-fitted soul territory and captures that classic mix of soul and blues. From the lush keys on the former to the multi-layered harmonies and bright guitars of the latter, both tracks help close the project and provide poetic closure to an open-ended relationship.


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