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Multi-instrumentalist KR3TURE breaks down his 'On The Brink' album

Born and bred in Santa Cruz, CaliforniaKR3TURE< is an artist that brings together the spirit of the sunny beaches he grew up on with deep contemplative elements of his forest living on his sophomore studio album On The BrinkBalancing his personal life, he's an ecologist, with a musical output as an artist inspired by spiritual electronic ingredients he finds synergy in the symmetry. The album is a taste of downtempo electronica, integrated with soulful instrumentation and powerful vocal hooks. The album features other artists who use music as a medium for their art and collective transformation like The Human Experience, Evan Fraser from Dirtwire, Cello Joe, and Kayla Diana

Across the 7-tracks, the multi-instrumental producer journeys through lush soundscapes, sonic motifs that range from meditative and introspective to hopeful and sultry, and elements of everything from ambient guitar to jazz-entwined progression and all the way down to folk. Albums like this make me miss late festival nights under the stars, no shoes on, dancing amongst nature lovers, freedom seekers, and music believers. In his own words, KR3TURE breaks down his album for us exclusively below, going into everything from sonic direction to metaphorical inspirations for this project. 


A masterful depiction of downtempo electronica, integrating deep and sexy vocals with soulful electric guitar lines. The lead single from KR3TURE's sophomore album, “Slowly” invites listeners through lush soundscapes to drop into their sensuality, inviting us to slow down and take our time. Reminiscent of Alina Baraz and Galimatias, KR3TURE infuses textures into sonic motifs and melodies that are beautiful, blissful, and hauntingly addictive.

I Wanna Be Like You:

Upright bass, sax chops, heavy beats and synthesizers make this sweet sentiment of inspiration a mid-tempo dancefloor shaker. “I Wanna Be Like You” is an original take on the childhood classic that makes you move and smile at the same time.

Shelter - Chill Mix:

Dreamy, ethereal, and grooving. This deeply emotional song is about finding beauty amidst uncertainty. A fusion of folk and electronic, it is a downtempo dance tune, a tender love song, and a social commentary all in one. Tenderness yields to playfulness as the beat drops and synthesizers take over. The main lyrics, "you are my shelter / you are my home" cultivate a deep sense of hope and build upon the nostalgia of being home, feeling safe, and finding peace in a time of great uncertainty.


This collaboration with The Human Experience is mysterious, deep, and spacious. Inflorescence (the term for many flower clustered into a single structure) is carried by bass and the hauntingly catchy synthesizer, then gives way to an incredible saxophone solo, before fading into oblivion. Subtle and suggestive vocals leave listeners with only implied lyrics, creating a sense of mystery. 

On The Brink:

The title track to the album, this earthy global bass tune features African harp and blues vocals to create a downtempo groove that is impossible to not move to. Peppered with blues guitar and harmonica, this down home track is funky, slow, and groovy.

To Love:

“To Love” is a sweet and flowy journey that features heart-wrenchingly beautiful cello with vocal chops peppered throughout. Beginning with a fun and percussive energy and transitioning into spacious psychedelic dreamscape, the pizzicato cello gives way to a masterful solo that carries us into a place where only love is real.  

Coming Home:

This nostalgic, downtempo, rootsy song is made for the sunrise. The opening acoustic guitar opens our hearts until the bass and beats and ambient layers create a timeless moment that just stands still, rooted in the Earth but dreaming in the clouds. Reminiscent of Random Rab, this song is perfect for long road trips or when you’re just missing being home.    

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