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Kornél Kovács remixes Twenty Committee's "This Town" [Premiere]

Kornél Kovács is using 2020 to reignite his remixing career, exploring new territory by teaming up with emerging Scandinavian collective Twenty Committee's latest track, "This Town." A sign off on up and coming artistry, Kovác's remix of "This Town" debuts as an intimate, versatile electronic piece.

Headed up by producer Anders Källmark, Twenty Committee has released a string of singles—many of them featuring singer and collective member Chloe Rodgers—ahead of the release of their debut EP, Minutes Volume 1. And here on "This Town," Twenty Committee and Kovács are a perfect pairing. Vocal loops create, somehow simultaneously, a new layer of warmth on the track's amplified melancholic elements. The result speaks to a different iteration of the track's indie-leaning beginning. "I love a mix that nods to the original writing but expands and puts some lovely tension on the track," says Källmark.

Kovács, a Stockholm-based DJ, producer, and Studio Barnhus label manager alongside Axel Boman and Pedrodollar, has an illustrious career, picking up new critical attention with the release of his album Stockholm Marathon in 2019. Recently remixing Moby's classic "Morningside," he's turned to a group fluidity proves nimble for remixing. "I had a blast making this remix for Twenty Committee, for which I channeled end-of-summer melancholia, old Matthew Herbert records, and the dadaist sound poetry of Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven," Kovács says of the remix. Rooted in much similar art and inspirations, Twenty Committee has left a trail of intrigue leading up to the November 20 release of Minutes Volume 1.

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