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Nia Wyn & R.A.E share the powerful "Muzzle"

London-via-Wales singer-songwriter Nia Wyn teams up with the phenomenal artist R.A.E on new single "Muzzle". Wrapped amongst soul melodies and underscored with an addictive bass riff, the single explores Wyn's soul sound with a smooth hip-hop twist. 

Lacing our veins with the need for more soul, Nia's yearning for something more from life is infectious. Dreaming of what we could be without the worries of the 'working just to survive' realities, "Muzzle" captures those aspirations with clarity. Speaking of the release, Nia explains: “I wrote Muzzle about working a 9-to-5 and how it can grind you down, and the desire to quit that office life and pursue my music full-time. I wanted to represent that even if things are going well and you’re making progress, the impact of mental health issues and comparing yourself to others can lead to a lot of self-doubt. The idea of ‘someone get me a muzzle’ is that often I’ve vocalised this but then I get paranoid that I’ve said too much."

Wyn's inimitable trajectory is one that continues to breath modern enhancements into neo-soul. Her vocals remain to be the most unique and enthralling to date and by collaborating with London-based R.A.E, who's addition is one of pure excellence, she has crafted one of the sweetest tunes of the year. Stay strong, keep moving - this is an anthem for those feeling like they're stuck in a rut. 

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