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Eloise Alterman narrates heartbreak in "What I Thought It Was" piano version [Video]

Eloise Alterman moved to Nashville with no prospects. Her only pursuit was music and as it turns out, the risk was worth it. The music video for the piano version of her single “What I Thought It Was” shows off pristine vocals, and most notably, her songwriting.

The Detroit-native released her debut EP The Other Side at the end of August. There are catchy rhythms and heavier pop production but it's the quick turns of phrase that make each song unique from the others. “What I Thought It Was” is the softest of the collection but by no means the least powerful. The verses carry that raw ache recognizable in heartbreak ballads. In the video, a blooming and peaceful meadow provides a stark contrast to the sad lyrics, told through the medium of minor piano and Alterman's mournful, fleeting eye contact. 

With an EP under her belt and the confidence to shape personal pain into sharp lyrics, it’s only a matter of time before she begins to gain traction in Music City, and if I'm a betting woman, well beyond.

Connect with Eloise Alterman: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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