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NickyChulo and Radamiz show us what it's like to live in "2020 America"

Talented creative, graphic designer, and art director NickyChulo and lyrically gifted New York rapper Radamiz come together to release a deeply impactful and moving visual titled "2020 America." 
Directed by Tyler Scott, in just 1 minute and 29 seconds, we witness a profoundly brilliant concept that NickyChulo designed. In the background of the visual, there is another version of the American flag that NickyChulo designed this year, leaving the meaning open to interpretation. Rapper Radamiz cleverly uses intense wordplay to paint pictures of the state of America in 2020 in a unique acoustic spoken word piece. Using brilliant metaphors through skillful writing, he firmly speaks yet it swiftly becomes music to our ears as he courageously addresses the issues of inequality and injustices of Black people. Through visually descriptive writing, he vividly demonstrates the pain that America is going through both spiritually and physically, with the pandemic hitting our nation and revealing all the broken parts. For example, he writes, "My bones are BLACK. My voice sounds like Bedstudy, South Bronx, East Harlem, fertile soil, stimulus, and an Amazon stock...The miseducation of an ego driven nation."
In a way, although there is no music, the tone in his voice creates a song. There is still a chorus, which intelligently ties everything together beautifully. Radamiz wrote, "You are still too weak to love me. You have not healed so you can't love me, no. I pledge resistance to those who hate me." As we hear this, we witness both men and women act as a representation of these powerful lyrics. Interestingly enough, although there are no sounds in the background, music is still made with his voice, and you will find yourself humming along. Press play and sing along to another anthem. 
Connect with NickyChulo: Instagram | Twitter 
Connect with Radamiz: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 
Hip-Hop · Spoken Word


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