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changing cleo releases new single "south" with guccihighwaters

Australian artist changing cleo has released a string of five singles this year, and his latest offering "south" with guccihighwaters is undoubtedly his best. 

Originally from Inverloch, a small city south of Melbourne, 21 year old changing cleo has produced and engineered all of his own music to date, and "south" is no exception. The sad boy anthem is intentionally eerie, with a piano loop and quiet background vocals driving much of the instrumental.

This thin instrumental allows both artists to come in softly, but meaningfully as their voices are almost like strong, calm whispers that give life to the music. Still, neither artist shows any lacking in emotion or vocal strength. It's the opposite; both singers are able to use this softness to create specific emotion and lyrics that evidently hold special significance to them. It's all about mental health; changing cleo and guccihighwaters sing about having a safety net before things go "south." The song ends up being catchy and therapeutic, a testament to the intent and delivery of both artists. 

Connect with changing cleo: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube 


Indie · Pop


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