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Elizabeth Woolf encourages listeners to cherish every part of themselves with her new album Til It’s Dark Outside

Throughout our lives we go through a myriad of phases, almost as if we are completely different people. Our likes and dislikes change over time, but we have to remember that every period of our life is just as meaningful as the next. No one knows this better then singer-songwriter Elizabeth Woolf. She has thoughtfully crafted an album where each song beautifully examines a side of herself she had left behind. Til It’s Dark Outside explores relatable themes of friendship, change and building community.

After the album intro comes “Valencia Street”. This slow, slinky hit emits a jazzy, folk feel. The nostalgic track is all about seeking closure from a past relationship. Woolf admits, “it’s inspired by a phrase my father told me, ‘all relationships are unresolved’”. That statement couldn’t be truer.

The album’s title track “Til It’s Dark Outside” is an intense piece showcasing deep moody vocals and gentle drums. The melancholy offering narrates time spent with a close friend fumbling through her twenties. Many of us can connect with feeling lost as we navigate through young adult life.

Concluding with the soft sounds of “Lay Awake”, this glossy track shines with soothing piano melodies and delicate vocals. The song tells a familiar tale of a recent college graduate exploring the world with no set purpose or plan. Staring into the limitless blank page that is your life, you try your best to take it all in.

Woolf’s sound has all the soulful, gentility of talents like Nora Jones and John Mayer. Much like Mayer her lyrical storytelling comes through in every track as she reminisces about the days come and gone. Whether it is listening to old jazz in her mom’s minivan or on the BART jamming out to funk, she treasures life’s little moments and that’s what this album is all about.

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