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Alexza gets sensual on "Enjoy Yourself" [Video]

Emerging singer Alexza showcases her sensual side n the video for her new single "Enjoy Yourself."  The track is an unapologetic ode to finding love in oneself after everything else has failed you. Far from being a sob story, she discards all the disappointments and looks for happiness within, surrounded by ethereal textures, sparse drum arrangement to sultry lyrics.

The visual starts off on a light note with the Long Island raised singer having a talk with her conscience which sets the tone for the rest of the video. The visuals sure ramp up the sensuality with hot scenes of Alexza performing in lingerie. The performance shots are as suggestive as they come but still, it's tastefully executed. I also like the way the grading switches from the retro VHS to a modern crisp aesthetic denoting a change in the cut scenes.

Alexza may be new to most but she has cut her teeth in the industry writing for other artists and performing live at different venues from The Supper Club to Karma Lounge amongst others. She is currently working on her debut LP.

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Connect with Alexza : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



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