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Lyrica Anderson breaks all the rules on "Girls Have Fun" [Video Premiere]

In her latest video for "Girls Have Fun", singer, songwriter Lyrica Anderson challenges the toxic rules over what women should or shouldn't do.

An R&B act, Anderson has recently released her fourth studio album in August, Bad Hair DayThe album features singles such as "Act a Fool" and "Marriott," both of which add to her persona as a strong woman stepping out from behind the scenes of accomplished songwriter and into the limelight as her own artist. Both of those singles have over 1 million views on YouTube. "Girls Have Fun" is set to follow. The new video has a surprise cameo from legendary Atlanta producer, Jazze Pha.

The Grammy Award-winning LA-native has 4 studio albums, 4 EPs, and countless writing credits for the industry's big stars, including Chris Brown, Missy Elliott, and Beyonce, Anderson has been scoring in the music industry as a songwriter for over a decade. She transitioned into creating her own R&B music and exciting sound. She was increasingly more in the spotlight once she joined VH1's reality show, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. With all the hats she wears as a wife, a mom, an artist, a songwriter, producer, and a reality star, Lyrica has elite-status ability. Her life perspective is one that is unique, and she takes her position and songwriting expertise, and delivers vulnerability about life, past loves, and womanhood muddled into her music.

This year, despite all of the hurdles in the current state of the world, she is still winning, and she's having fun doing so. In only three months, Bad Hair Day has accumulated over 10 million streams. She has built all the success she's had this year from the ground up. This video's the cherry on top.

Anderson and her girlfriends are seen riding around doing all the things men traditionally go out and do for fun like smoking, shooting dice, and turning up in a Waffle House parking lot. Her rich vocals wrap the feminist message of the song up like a ribbon. These visuals along with the 'lyrica'l content are meant to be a letter of empowerment to women. Who said girls can't have fun?

Bad Hair Day is available everywhere via RIV Music.

Connect with Lyrica Anderson: Instagram | YoutubeSpotify | Twitter | Apple Music

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