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Sofia Karlberg returns with the luminescent "Glowstick" [Video]

From the masses of YouTube cover stars emerges a genuine pop starlet, the Swedish-born Sofia Karlberg. At 22 years of age, she's been uploading for close to a decade, and her range and ability, while impressive at first has only improved by leaps and bounds since.

It was this aforementioned range and electrifying vocal presence that kept people coming back, and over two million subscribers later, the transition into her own original works in 2019 was an instinctively seamless one. Now on her second single of 2020, Karlberg returns with the pensive yet addictive alt-pop cut, "Glowstick."

Speaking to the lyrical motivations in a statement, she outlines that, “It’s about a relationship that are feel stuck in and feeling bad about, but anyway try to keep the appearance up. Just like a glowstick, you are broken in the middle but shine anyway."

The notion of the falsified outer veneer is perpetuated by the grooving, bordering on sugary pop bliss, which rotates through shades of electro pop and R&B. Bringing a tender balance to the mood, the lovesick exasperation of the lyricism is delivered with a masterful vocal finesse; Karlberg's iconic vocal naturally steals the show and we can't wait to hear what's next.

Connect with Sofia Karlberg: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | YouTube

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