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Junglepussy balances carnality and catharsis on "JP4"

Junglepussy veers even deeper into the unapologetic and self-affirming splendor of her previous releases with the newly dropped album JP4. Not to anyone's surprise, the forward-leaning scribe from East New York jumps feet first into this newest creation, sharing revealing thoughts with her listeners with no hold barred.

Opening number "Bad News" leaves chills running down the spine, not only because of the sunless din of its instrumentation, but also because of the disquieting way that JP performs on the sing-songy piece. Listening to this track feel like wading through the fog of thoughts swirling around in the mind of someone that's quietly dealing with depression. And while I may be reading too much into the ruminations of this track, it definitely feels like an important piece of exposition from Shayna McHayle before she transforms into her Junglepussy alter-ego for the rest of the album. What follows this moody intro-track is a rollercoaster ride of sound and energy, with energetic numbers like "Main Attraction", "No Band Aid", and "Stamina" (which features Memphis empress Gangsta Boo) providing sexy, speaker-rocking fun that can be enjoyed without feeling the need to examine every single line like a scholar. Other moments on the wild ride wash over the listener's senses with waves of cathartic openness and allow the unfiltered creative to speak her mind about things like dealing with other people's expectations ("Morning Rock", "What You Want"), navigating fame and relationships ("Arugula", "Out My Window"), and owning your sexuality (the previously mentioned and very dope "Stamina", "Out My Window"). 

A theme that seems to overarch the entire JP4 project is feeling free enough to be honest with yourself as well as the world. To accept who you truly are and just do you - with all of your fears and brashness included. But that may be a bit of artsy over analysis for an album that - at its core - is a nice slice of tongue-in-cheek, adult-oriented fun.

You can listen to JP4 right now, courtesy of Jagjaguwar Records, on all music streaming services.

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