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Edwin Raphael clears his head in "Mild Sanity" feat. Juletta

25-year-old indie artist Edwin Raphael expresses his creativity in the form of chill pop with a touch of folk. In his newest song, "Mild Sanity," (featuring Juletta) Raphael carries a gentle melody to match the track’s title, creating a soundscape both beautiful and devastating.

“Mild Sanity” finds light in the midst of darkness. Rapahel first conveys that darkness with ghostly background vocals. Soft and slow, the track picks up with punches from the piano and a repeating guitar riff. Suddenly, those ghostly backgrounds now sound angelic. NYC pop artist Juletta’s sighing vocals match with his anguished ones. It’s subtle, but one can hear the hint of warmth hidden underneath them.

Edwin released his debut LP Will You Think of Me Later? in 2019. Now, he’s soon to release his next EP staring at ceilings.

Catch “Mild Sanity (feat. Juletta)” out now via Dine Alone Records.

Connect with Edwin Raphael: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter |Soundcloud | Website

Chillout · Indie · Pop


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