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Jesse Jo Stark delivers a meditative and moody new single “Die Young”

Jesse Jo Stark has fond childhood memories of driving to school in the morning with her dad. Her father would always put on musicians such as Merle Haggard, Brian Eno and The Clash. The two would jam out with the windows down. Growing up with that kind of musical education, it is no wonder her offerings possess a classic sound reminiscent of talents like Fleetwood Mac and David Bowie.

Now the Los Angeles native unveils her emotive and wistful new offering “Die Young”. This Pink Floyd-esque track is slow and sultry, burning with so much raw intensity. With uniquely captivating lines like “I’m an alien, a spoon to cook saline in. I was born dead just so I could die again,” we can all relate to her narrative of feeling like an outcast struggling to fit in. On her Facebook page Stark reveals, “Die Young is about all of the personal deaths and rebirths I’ve been through in my life. Love and loss. Times when I’ve felt like an alien and had to fly away. Or accept that everyone feels like an alien sometimes. This song is me looking back and realizing that these times made me who I am.”

Her music showcases an eccentric blend of 70s rock and ethereal pop. Stark's deep drive to make songs and perform has been a big part of her identity since she was young. Writing her first tune at seven, shortly after she was invited to record in her godmother’s studio and from there, her passion only grew. Now she has been on tour with everyone from the legendary Guns N’ Roses to Sunflower Bean. Check out her hauntingly, vulnerable hit “Die Young” now.

Connect with Jesse Jo Stark: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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