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Enny and Amia Brave pay homage to all the "Peng Black Girls"

Emerging South East London rapper/singer Enny's third single "Peng Black Girls" pays tribute to all the melanin ladies that she knows and beyond. The track breaks down all the stereotypes and negative social gender constructs to focus on the fact that black women are more than the color of their skin. 

Enny says via email that she was inspired to write the song after looking at the women in her family, neighborhood, and around the globe and realizing just how beautiful they are in the truest sense. She makes good use of the soulful groovy backdrop and eloquently paints a nuanced picture of the black woman. Joining her on the track is vocalist Amia Brave who peppers Enny's vocals with some smooth melodic runs and gets time to shine with some powerful performance on the chorus section. "Peng Black Girls" as Enny intends is to remind black girls around the world that they don't have to seek validation from outside. 

"Peng Black Girls" is Enny's third. single after "He’s Not Into You" and  "For South."

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