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Afro-fusion artist Laik drops his debut EP "Wanted"

Music has always been a part of Laik’s life; he started writing songs at the age of 12 and began making music his senior year of high school. The Afro-fusion artist lived a true nomadic life during his childhood: he moved from Pennsylvania to Atlanta to Jamaica to Sierra Leone, and now he resides in Maryland. He spent those seven years of his life in Sierra Leone growing closer to his culture, now adamant about combining his love for music, dancing and culture to create a bridge between Sierra Leone and the United States. He wanted to fill the void that existed between his two cultures and create Afro-fusion music that speaks to both Americans and Africans.

Although Laik’s focus is on Afrobeats, he combines other genres like dancehall and R&B, creating his own unique Afro-fusion sound. His debut EP Wanted was definitely an impressive introduction to his signature sound. His favorite artists and influences include Burnaboy, Bryson, Beenie Man, Chris Martin and producer Monte Booker. As his own artist, he finds himself drawn to producers more than singers, as he recognizes the immense important of a strong production, especially the dance-infused beats that he incorporates in his own music. 

Wanted is a concise 5-track EP, offering an intimate listen into Laik’s distinct musicality. The project is entirely produced by BunieTheFirst, which explains its cohesiveness. There’s a sultriness to Laik’s voice across all five tracks, along with a dance vibe, and they are balanced with the hints of R&B that Laik meshes so cleverly. The production is mellow, yet subtly and tastefully picks up when needed. It’s the kind of project you can play while you’re getting ready in the morning or when you’re trying to hype yourself up before a party. 

The second track, “Fairy Tale” features Javada and is a standout on the project. The song is a love letter to a woman Laik met while traveling, and the song conveys how whether they end up together or not he’ll always be there for her. The lyrics of the song are heartfelt and sweet and the production is equally so. The beat doesn’t overpower Laik and Javada’s voices at all, it compliments what they’re singing about, with the tasteful sound of bells and synths.

>On “Gimme Dat,” one of the more upbeat tracks on the project, Laik’s confidence and charisma most definitely shines through as he lyrically dominates. The uniqueness of the fusion production meshed with his voice is very impressive. It’s very clear that his international upbringing most definitely lends itself to his ability to create music that speaks to a very wide audience.

Connect with Laik: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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